Bring back the Shine of your old hardwood floors with a renewal!

At Dream Hardwood Floors, We specialize in restoring lightly scuffed up floors and surface scratches where there is a lot of foot traffic. If your floors aren’t too severely worn down and don’t need a full floor refinishing service, then it is likely that they are in need of a simple screen and recoat – and the experts at Dream can help!

Hardwood Floor Resurfacing vs Refinishing: 

Resurfacing hardwood floors can cover minor scuffs & scratches and restore shine to a dull floor. Hardwood Floor Refinishing goes beyond the superficial scuffs and scratches and is for refinishing much more intense floor damage.

Hardwood Floor Resurfacing is best for:

  • Minor Scuffs
  • Minor Scratches
  • Restoring floor Shine
  • Adding extra protection to your floors

Bring back the Beauty of your hardwood floors – make an appointment today!


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