Will That Robotic Vacuum Damage The Floor?

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With how busy life can get, sometimes you need a little help with the household chores. Technology is advancing enough to help us out with those daily tasks, including robot vacuums. Some of the most common robotic vacuum brands are the Roomba and iRobot, with even more showing up on the market. One question we get asked is, do these types of vacuums ruin a beautiful hardwood floor? The short answer is yes; however, these vacuums can be safe for your floors as long it’s set up correctly. Here’s what you need to know about robotic vacuums and your hardwood floors.

• Pay For Quality: Several brands sell robotic vacuums now. It’s important to do your research to find the best model. A less expensive price tag may look incredibly appealing, but it may not be the best for your floors. The biggest issue with the less expensive models is that the brushes used to clean the hardwood are not the best. They may not be as effective as other models. Finding what works with your material is essential to keeping your floors safe from damage.

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Ignore Wet Vacs: Some models of robotic vacuums can have mop settings that are wonderful for tile, linoleum, and similar floors. Unfortunately, they are not great for hardwood floors, even with the protective sealant on top. Water is usually left behind and can leave your hardwood flooring with slight water damage.

Soft Brushed Only: Hardwood floors are strong enough to handle daily traffic, but they can be sensitive to certain types of cleaning supplies. To avoid any scratches from the robot vacuum, choose a soft brush.

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Obstacle Avoidance: Sometimes, the brushes aren’t the problem, but what the brushes pick up. Some robot vacuum models have a sensor to avoid any obstacles in its path. It will shut off if something foreign is in the bristles. Not all models will do that and instead could drag the coin, small toy, or other objects along with it. It may end up damaging the vacuum itself and scratch up the floor. Find a model that has obstacle avoidance to save yourself a massive headache.

Pay Attention To The Vacuum: The first few times you use the vacuum, pay attention to how it operates. More importantly, make sure it’s not causing any damage to your hardwood floors. If it’s not going to work for your home, it’s better to return it than get stuck with an expensive piece of equipment you’ll never be able to use.