Unfinished vs. Prefinished Hardwoods: Which Is Right For You?

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Did you know there is a difference between unfinished and prefinished wood? It’s incredible how many wood flooring varieties there are, making it an extremely versatile material. With unfinished and prefinished wood, the most significant difference is the customization. Prefinished hardwoods are ready to be installed because they have already been stained, painted, treated, etc. Unfinished hardwoods are considered more flexible because you’ll have to get them finished before they’re installed. Some people enjoy seeing that unfinished look and choose to add a sealer with the wood as is. The big question is, which one will be right for your room?

The Pros of Prefinished Hardwoods

● It’s convenient. The panels are ready to install right out of the packaging, and your floor will be put together quickly.

● They will have beautiful finishes. The stain color will be consistent from panel to panel, bringing out the wood’s natural grain.

● Prefinished hardwoods will come with their finished already applied, such as high gloss.

● All that needs to be done is customizing the panels to fit your floors and adding the protective sealer.

Unfinished vs. Prefinished Hardwoods: Which Is Right For You? 1

The Pros of Unfinished Hardwoods

Unfinished vs. Prefinished Hardwoods: Which Is Right For You? 2

● They’re completely customizable to fit your home. The wood is bare, so you’re able to stain and paint anything you’d like to fit the style of the room. You can use a stain that might not be offered with prefinished hardwoods. You can even mix and match colors depending on the room!

● More readily available than prefinished hardwoods might be, especially if you’re looking for a specific color or finish.

● Unfinished hardwoods can also be re-sanded or refinished more easily when regular maintenance is needed.