Did you know that your floors are the single largest defining element in the design of your home? Upgrading flooring can instantly transform any room, giving it a fresh, stylish look without changing a bit of the furnishings. You don’t even need a full floor replacement! Hardwood flooring stains are a great way to redesign your home without the cost of a full replacement!

Design and Returns on Investment

Wood floors are the most popular type of flooring for good reason. They are comfortable to stand on, have a nice sound when walked on, and can be as light or dark as you wish. Oftentimes, having new or original hardwood floors drastically raises the value in your home but that can largely depend on what floors you currently have. The orange-stained, skinny plank look is less popular than wide planks stained a dark, nearly black tone and can cost you in the future instead of build equity. Thankfully, hardwood floors can be re-stained to fit the trends of the day, although the plank sizing may or may not become an issue and require new floor installation.

Benefits of Hardwood Floor Stains

Hardwood floor stains offer many benefits additional to saving you money from deferring a whole-house new flooring install. Having similar flooring throughout your home will make the interior feel bigger. From indoor/outdoor flooring setups for patios to a simple living room and dining room extension, a similarly stained and constructed floor will make even an architecturally split space feel coherent. With a clear line of sight through doors or archways, your floor does a lot for building up the design of your spaces. The wide range of colors, styles and patterns available in today’s flooring means it’s easy to update to a more contemporary look in any home. 

Hardwood Floor Stain

Speaking of contemporary looks, one of the greatest trends in interior design of recent years is having a home that’s entirely coherent – not just your floors and walls. With similar decoration following a theme throughout the home coupled with matching floors, you can have some freedom in choosing complementary wall paints without taking too much away from the overarching aesthetic. If you’re looking to sell your home and stage it in a way that’s sure to sell, this is a great practice to consider! Even in rooms without hardwood floors, a good stain can transcend materials. An ebony-stained hardwood floor blends beautifully with charcoal grey limestone in a master bathroom or with dark tile in your outdoor spaces. The look is much more subtle than a switch from dark floors to white tile would have been, creating a whole-house illusion of uniformity and cleanliness. 

Independent of your choice in hardwood floor stains, Dream Hardwood Floors is here to help you with all of your flooring needs! From installs and refinishes to new stains, re-coats, and repairs, we have what you need to completely transform your hardwood floors for the better and ensure you enjoy your home again!