Top Summer 2022 Flooring Trends

Summer is one of the peak times for renovations. From kitchens to bathrooms and new flooring throughout your house, contractors are clamoring for clients and filling their schedules. Are you ready to change your floors? Here are the summer 2022 flooring trends!

Intricate Hardwood Flooring Patters

Tile has largely been championed as the decorative flooring of choice, but there’s a lot that can be done with hardwood flooring inlay. One of the biggest trends of 2022 flooring include hardwood flooring in various patterns and designs. Ideal for the summer due to not holding heat, hardwood comes in many colors, plank sizes, and wood types to fit your budget and needs. Keep in mind that some hardwood types are better than others depending on the climate of your home. Some wood types do better in humid climates than others, while others will warp, shrink, or chip easily.

Summer 2022 Flooring

Classic Cool Tiling For Summer 2022

2022’s fashion trends have focused on vintage. From fashion to flooring and beyond, what’s old is new again and that includes black and white tiling. This vintage-inspired tiling has been appearing in commercial settings such as restaurants, salons, and boutiques as well as residential renovations. Tiling is a great option for bathrooms and kitchens due to its waterproof glaze and low-maintenance cleaning routines and often used throughout the house in places with warmer weather.

Bring On The Color!

tile flooring

Incorporating more colorful tones embodying positive emotions to express yourself and your personal style is still going strong in 2022. Color can be easily installed with Luxury Vinyl flooring, tile, and even hardwoods. This trend comes from a similar trend called ‘dopamine dressing’ – fashion that’s all about being confident and colorful.

No matter what your flooring project for summer 2022, Dream Hardwood Floors is happy to help. We offer all kinds of colorful, creative hardwood inlays to brighten up your home along with installation, refinishing, re-coating, re-finishing, and more!