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Wood floors are extremely popular because of how gorgeous and timeless they are. They’re able to pull together quite a few styles and can be customized depending on the stain and finish you want. It can even hold up the daily traffic because of how durable it is. However, this beautiful flooring needs regular care to keep it that way. Some people shy away from wood flooring because of this. We wanted to break down some ways you can clean and maintain your hardwood floors to make them last. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Ditch the Shoes: Avoid wearing regular shoes while walking on the hardwood floors. Work Boots, cleats, and high heels can leave dents in the wood, especially if you’re a heavy walker. Plus you don’t want to be dragging in dirt from outside and have it all over your beautiful home. Stick to bare feet, socks, or soft-soled slippers.
  • Use Toothpaste for Marks: Have you ever dropped a permanent marker or had one of the kids get into the markers? Using a damp cloth with a little bit of toothpaste can help scrub off any scoffs of the surface. You can also use a magic eraser.
  • Baby Powder For Creaks: Is your entrance always announced by your floorboards creaking? Using a little bit of baby powder in the cracks adds a barrier in between the floorboards. If it’s a severe creak or you’re having to do this often, contact us at Dream Hardwood Floors. There might be something more serious going on.
  • Iron Out the Dents: Small dents may happen throughout the lifespan of your hardwood floor. One way to get them out is by putting a wet cloth over the dent and run an iron over it to flatten it out. This is only recommended for small dents, however. Make sure you test this out on a small, more hidden section first. For more severe dents or multiple ones, contact us! We’ll be able to repair or refinish the floor easily!
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