Spring Maintenance Tips

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To get the most out of your floors, we encourage a proper maintenance schedule. Hardwood floors are some of the most attractive additions one can make to their home. With an entire year of indoor activities under our belts, it may be time to take advantage of the weather change and start-up some spring cleaning! Continue reading for some basic tips which will help you bring the luster back to your floor.


A microfiber mop is a gentle and effective way to pick up dust and small messes. This newer technology traps dust considerably better than traditional mops. This makes wet mopping much easier once all the small particulates are removed. Most microfiber dry mops are washing machine safe, so you only need to buy one, saving you money in the long run.

Don’t Clean Yourself Into A Corner

Clean each room of your home systematically, allow the dust and dirt to fall onto the floor, then arrange the room, then clean the floors as the last step. There is no sense in cleaning the floor and then organizing or dusting your room. Do everything systematically to avoid stress and chronic messes.

Careful Vacuuming

Certain vacuum cleaners can scratch or scuff your hardwood, so be sure to find a model with a soft brush or turn the brush off completely. We can only tackle certain messes with a vacuum, so if the situation presents itself, be very careful to not cause unwanted damage.

Spring Maintenance Tips 1

Avoid Harsh Chemicals And Vinegar 

Vinegar as a cleaning product has been a holistic craze for years now, and it has plenty of cleaning ability for certain tasks, just not for hardwood finish. If you have an issue with your floors, it may be wise to call a professional to avoid causing permanent damage!

No Shoes

Many American households demand the removal of your shoes before you enter the home. Small rocks, mud, and cinders can become trapped in the treads of your shoes and can clutter or scratch your floor. Be smart and protect your investment by having your home be a shoeless environment.

There is nothing better than a clean living area. Right down to the floor it is important to be clean and sanitary all year long. The ability to slide across a clean hardwood floor in your socks is a wonderful treat. Like something out of a movie, hardwood floors provide a picturesque living space and will take the breath away from your guests if well maintained. Thank you for reading this blog, we hope you check back soon for more information, tips, and special offers!