We fix all kinds of damage.

When fire, water, or remodeling damages your floors, turn to Dream Hardwood Floors for professional hardwood floor repair.

Has your hardwood floor become marred by serious damage? Don’t just hide those ugly spots under strategically placed rugs and pieces of furniture. Correct the damage with professional hardwood floor repair from Dream Hardwood Floors.

In cases where it is necessary to replace some of your floor boards with a hardwood floor patch, matching the existing floor to the new wood becomes a significant priority. Fortunately, you can trust the professionals at Dream Hardwood Floors to make this happen. We start by making sure we select the same type of wood you already have, ideally with a similar grain pattern. Then, we carefully stain the hardwood floor patch to make it match the rest of the flooring. In some cases, we may need to restain the entire floor to get an excellent match.

we’ve seen about every type of problem you can imagine

After over 12 years in the hardwood flooring business, we’ve seen and solved just about every type of problem you can imagine, from small burn marks around a fireplace to extensive water damage to sections of floor torn up in remodeling projects.

We know how to select and implement the correct hardwood floor repair techniques for your specific situation. Every repair project will be personally overseen by our owner to ensure you receive a reliable, lasting, and attractive repair at the best possible price.

For example, when you need hardwood floor scratch repair, the simple, cost-effective solution is to fill in the scratch with wood filler and then sand and refinish the floor. You don’t need to replace the whole board for a scratch.

But, when it comes to hardwood floor repair for water damage, matters can get a bit more complicated. It all depends on the severity of the damage. Light water marks can be fixed with refinishing, but if you have extensive water damage that has caused deep staining, warping, or rotting, the boards will need to be replaced. You can rely on us to help you tell the difference and recommend the appropriate approach.

Are you in need of professional repair for your hardwood floors? Don’t hesitate to contact Dream Hardwood Floors.

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