Hardwood or Laminate?

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What’s Best for Your Lifestyle? –

One of the biggest decisions you are going to make throughout your interior design project will be to determine if your floors are going to be replaced. This choice is necessary if you have bought a home and want to update the original aesthetic. Replacing a floor is one thing, choosing the correct material is a unique process. The battle within the residential flooring industry is the choice between laminate or hardwood floors. The best answer isn’t which one is more or less expensive or which one catches the eye, but which one best suits your lifestyle. Read on to find out which flooring material can turn your house into the perfect sanctuary for the entire family!

Laminate Pros –
Laminate flooring can be a simple DIY project, which can look almost like real hardwood. With new technology always getting better, it can be very difficult to tell laminate apart from hardwood without close inspection. Laminate flooring resists scratches and is more resilient than hardwood, so if you are expecting heavy foot traffic in your space or perhaps own a pet or two, laminate may be a safe choice. The cost of laminate can be a selling point, as it is a more affordable option than hardwood floors. Laminate flooring material comes pre-finished, so as soon as they purchase the floor you can install it and enjoy it the moment the project is complete.

Hardwood or Laminate? 1Hardwood Pros –
One of the best flooring choices on the market and has been and will continue to be for years. If maintained, these floors can last a lifetime and never lose their beauty. The ability to re-stain and refinish your hardwood floors multiple times ensures you won’t have to do a full floor replacement if you just want to brighten up your room.

Laminate cons –
As durable as these floors are, it doesn’t mean they are indestructible. If serious damage occurs to your laminate floor, we recommend a full floor replacement, no sanding or refinishing. Damaged by standing water. 10 – 15 year lifespan.

Hardwood cons –High price point, scratches easily, can grow mold if exposed to moisture. Refinishing costs aren’t cheap, therefore adding to the long-term cost. Wood is prone to warping, so installation in the wrong area can be a nightmare.

Overall, both choices will add value and a charming environment to any home. The question is, which floor is right for you? The busier, traveling, dynamic family may want to err on the side of caution and choose laminate flooring. Whereas the homebodies who spend more time with their shoes off, sitting on a couch admiring their décor, will happily decide on hardwood. Thank you for reading this blog and be sure to check back from time to time for the latest information, tips, and special offers!