hardwood Floor Repairs

When it comes to your home’s floors, they deserve the best. They take a beating day in and day out being walked all over. The amount of scuff marks and damages found are beginning to add up each day. And not only is foot traffic taking its toll, but other factors, like fire, water, or remodeling damages could have impacted the overall quality of them, too. But instead of trying to cover up these blemishes with rugs and furniture, come to Dream Hardwood Floors for all your hardwood floor repairs before summer strikes.

When you work with Dream Hardwood Floors, you are working with a company that brings over 12 years of experience in the hardwood flooring business. In that time, we have seen just about every type of flooring problem you might face. And not only have we seen them, but we also have taken care of them to restore your floors to their old form. 

When it comes to repair projects, you can expect to see each of them handled in a unique way depending on the situation. Our owner will be present to make sure that your project is receiving only the best when it comes to a reliable and lasting repair, all while coming in at a price that will not hurt the wallet. We will not upcharge you on a service you do not require if there is an easier and more cost effective way to go about it. 

And in instances where we may have to replace your floor boards with a hardwood floor patch, you can rest easy knowing that we will try to match it up with your current style followed by staining to match and possibly a restaining to get as close to the original pattern as possible. Regardless of your issue, you can trust our team here at Dream Hardwood Floors to restore your floor back to its glory days. To inquire about our services, head over to our contact page!