Looking to finally add hardwood floors to your home? Thankfully, there are some very exciting floor trends in 2022 to modernize your spaces from the basement to the attic!

Parquet Flooring

Popular in Europe for centuries, parquet flooring is regaining gaining popularity in the US with its traditional herringbone pattern. Small wood pattern parquet was once common in the 1960’s US, but fell out of fashion due to other low-cost options. The bold, 3D design makes a statement in single family homes and apartments alike and are a great fit for midcentury modern home styles or rustic French farmhouse styles.

Color and Finish

Finish trends of 2022 bring rustic aesthetics that work surprisingly well with a variety of design directions. For example, smoked wood flooring is great for a rustic aesthetic where the wood undergoes a color change due to an ammonia reaction, causing a patina that makes that specific plank unique – usually in darker tones. Another style flourishing this year is worn, weathered flooring that seeks out the natural beauty in the wood. It seeks to find the perfect in imperfections for a reclaimed wood tile with natural creases and texture.

matte wood floor trends

When the subject is color, dark woods continue to be timeless but neutral color palates are having their moment in the sun. Matte finish beige, ‘greige’, and white keep the natural beauty of the floors without looking like it’s trying too hard or give the look that the wood flooring is artificial in some way. Low sheen finishes keep the natural look of light colored woods while protecting the planks and help hide dust, imperfections, and dust.

Continuing A Legacy

Cutting down trees to make floors isn’t the most eco-friendly option, which is why sustainability not just a popular topic anymore. Millennial and Gen Z homebuyers – who are well into their 40s and mid 20s respectively – are often willing to pay a premium for responsibly harvested wood and sustainable suppliers that replenish their wood supply by planting as many trees as they harvest. With a little extra effort hardwoods can continue to thrive in a market dictated by nature-minded consumers, keeping the industry thriving without having to resort softer materials like bamboo or cork in the future. For more sustainable tips, manufacturers also recommend choosing domestic woods such as oak, walnut, hickory, and cherry to offset emissions. Shop small, shop local – even when it comes to your hardwoods. The environment will thank you!