3 Amazing Flooring Brands We Are Proud to Work With

Hardwood Floor Stain

As a Seattle staple for over 12 years in the hardwood floor business, we here at Dream Hardwood Floors, LLC pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best. That includes the best service, the best results, and of course, the best products. With a large array of services under our belt ranging from sanding & installation to finishing & repair work, it is only right that we utilize high end materials to get the job done. Today, we wanted to highlight a few of the flooring brands we work with that make our process much easier and your projects come to life. To check out the full list of our products, head to our home page and hover over the drop down icon titled “products” to see them for yourself!

When it comes to vinyl flooring, it is hard to beat the products courtesy of Armorwalk. With waterproof technology, you can install this flooring above or below grading depending on where you want to place it. With an array of color schemes to choose from, the authentic embossing will provide you with a classic style that adds depth to your home. Easy to install and resistant to scratches and stains, Armorwalk will accentuate any room in your home.

At Gaia Floors, being able to select between their black, white, and red series of flooring provides you as a homeowner with the luxury of being able to find the right fit for you. Using Solid Polymer Core Composite (eSPC), this modernized take on flooring will keep your home up to date without having to sacrifice style. Save yourself time with low maintenance and rest easy knowing you and your family are safe while also being eco-friendly.

With a handful of collections available to select from, you will not have to worry about a lack of options when working with Somerset Hardwood Flooring. Crafted in the USA, you can expect nothing but the best Appalachian hardwood products that are backed with over 30 years in the business. When working with Somerset, you will be receiving advanced work from a group of highly talented employees striving to provide top tier flooring.